Tuesday, January 19, 2010

chanterelle lover

"I've got some mushrooms, would you like to take a look?" the young man asked as he placed the grocery bag on the counter in front of me. Inside I was pleasantly greeted with beautiful local chanterelles covered in mud.
I must admit, I was a bit worried, what shall I make with them? What will bring out the flavors best?
I set to work as I was serenaded by the musicians playing and clogging in the next room.
Here is what I built...
Wild Local Chanterelles with cashew cream

4 large onions diced
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
make the trio o goodness
add the puree of 5 delicata squash
add 4 large portobellos(other types of mushrooms would work too) and about a pound and a half chanterelles for a couple minutes
saute until sticky then add about a cup of white wine to get those crispy bits off the bottom
{place head over pot to enjoy pure bliss :}
add vegetable broth approx 8 cups and simmer
add salt and pepper to taste

cashew cream:
2 cups cashews
4 cups vegetable broth
salt and pepper to taste
food process until smooth and amazing

add to simmering soup to add vegan creaminess!

saute chanterelles and garnish soup
fresh parsley to garnish as well

my favorite!


  1. Hi, I just happened upon your blog through tastespotting and wanted to say congratulations on starting your own cafe! I hope it is going well! My husband and I would love to start a little organic vegan cafe in our hometown (camarillo, ca- halfway between santa barbara and LA) and I am sure you are very busy but I would love to hear your story and what it took for you to be able to open your cafe. thanks!

  2. This looks like the most delicious thing ever. A soup full of mushrooms?! How decadent.

  3. Thank you for your comment! Congrats on your cafe... your recipes look delicious! Sally Loo is also adorable.

    My husband and I are planning on taking a trip up the coast fairly soon - a mini-vacation, if ya will. We will definitely make a stop at your lovely cafe!

  4. That’s a gorgeous mushroom recipe! Consider submitting it to out Battle Mushroom and win some wild, gourmet mushrooms!

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