Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daddy the pitbull

As some of you all may know, our paninis are named after famous pitbulls through history. (We are well aware of how nerdy we are, thank you.) We would like to introduce you to our latest obsession, the Daddy Berry Nutella goodness! Picture strawberries and raspberries smooshed between sourdough with nutella oozing through. Oh yes, it is addicting. I've tried to convince myself it is a good idea to have another a few times this week.
Who is Daddy you may ask?
This is Daddy! He is Cesar Milan, aka The Dog Whisperer's right hand pooch. We ADORE both parties and are happy to add his name to our list. He has helped train so many people and rehabilitate so many dogs. He is such a beautiful, amazing, and balanced dog. He is such a pitbull!

If Sal were a teenage girl, Daddy would be the heartthrob taped to her walls.
So, the sandwich is fitting, no?


  1. i love daddy! so dependable. :)

  2. i adore daddy and cesar millan. i actually would love to adopt a pitbull, all because of cesar millan's successful dispensation of the horrible myth re: pitbulls being a violent breed.

    and your daddy berry nutella panini sounds like manna. it actually made me drool (embarrassed but guilty) when i read about it. nom nom!