Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti will Rise


I feel my dear friend said it best over here

"The grandmother with a face covered in dust and a voice strained from crying. The girl with braids and a dress who lies covered in rubble. The stunned people running through the streets, looking for help but finding no one. The father who, in one moment, lost all 4 of his kids and his wife. The parents still searching and praying for their lost children.

It's been hard to stop thinking about Haiti. The heartache and suffering are so immense that it seems as though it can't be true. Each loss is a tragedy, and combined they form a situation that is incomprehensible. If any good can come of this, perhaps it is that people in America and other developed countries might recognize the need to strengthen places like Haiti before disaster strikes. Once the emergency teams are gone and the situation stabilizes, the need will still remain." -Lindsay Lange

It is devastating to see the mere images of what is going on as they try to pick up the pieces.
This is a call to action!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for
good men to do nothing -Edmund Burke

come one come all! Spread the word!


  1. i wish i could attend! if only california was a "shorter" state...or if i didn't work... i'll pass the word along, though. it's a tremendous cause.

  2. Thank you for hosting this event! I am excited to be there.
    -Tyler Dean

  3. Hey Josh, Thanks so much for hosting the event! My name is Karissa, and my partner Julius and I just came into Sally Loo's to show our handmade recycled jewelry to Jen and Brandon today. The both of them told us to bring our jewelry on friday to set up a table. We just wanted to make sure that was okay with you. We would definitely be more than happy to donate a portion to the Haiti charity. Please Send us an email letting us know, Thanks! And see you Friday.

  4. I hope I can come by! It's been too too long since I've been in. Me and my baby bump need some Sally Loo lovin :)

  5. Thanks sweets. We love you guys oh so much!!

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