Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello, nice to meet you.

We will be introducing each of the Loo Crew one at a time.
First up is everyone's favorite hotcake

Meet Emily

She’s got a sharp sense of humor and an even sharper knife, so don’t cross her. Seriously, don’t…
If you’re in the mood for a chat and latte, she’s the girl most likely to brighten your day.

Date of Birth: August 11th 1982

Favorite Sally Loo's treat: (baked good)Curry chocolate cookies (sandwhich) caprese (granola creation) acai (bagel creation) hippy with dried figs (salad) green with all the fixings :).......... so you pick :)

Favorite place to eat : Honestly its Sally's if you want my choice outside it would be Hofbrau

What do you do when you’re not at Sally Loo's: Do it up Mommy style, love thrift and antique store browsin, going to trails with Lily and the dogs

Favorite customer experience: Wow, I love our customers that's a hard one...... one that stands out is Ian doing his Sloth impression from the Goonies. That gave me a good laugh.

Who would you have coffee with alive or dead: My best friend Morgan and my mom. they count as one :)

Any last words?:
Although perfection is admirable, reality is infinitely more compelling


  1. I luv Emily! And I also luv the Hofbrau!!

  2. Hi Emily! I too, love the picture. I hope that you and Lily are doing well. Take care & God Bless you always