Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hello, nice to meet you.

Meet Claire.

She's a quiet one at first but stick around and you will find a jubilant and hilarious little thang! She keeps the place peaceful and makes a mean waffle that's as pretty as it is delicious.

Date of Birth: April 4th, 1987
Favorite Sally Loo's treat: Do I have to choose?!?! Probably the kiwi guava scone....mmmm salivating thinking about it....
Favorite place to eat : You mean besides Sally Loo's? Upper Crust or Shalimar
What do you do when you’re not at Sally Loo's: Study..... sort of......, hike, bake, read, sing, run, art projects.. stay active basically.
Favorite customer experience: An old couple came in and ordered waffles, which are my favorite to make. I brought them the beautiful things and they were so appreciative! They said they were visiting from the East Coast and LOVED California (of course). They were just sooo cute and happy, it made my day. They also left a hefty tip, I would have loved them even if they hadn't! I'm a sucker for old people......
Who would you have coffee with alive or dead: Jesus or Shia Labeouf. What do these two have in common you ask?.......they're both Jewish.....!!!
any last words: Joy is contagious, so try to spread it wherever you go!!!


  1. Claire! Claire! We love you, Claire!
    Claire! Claire! You're not a bear!
    You just have really lovely hair!