Tuesday, March 9, 2010

music + churros + love birds = a really great Friday

Ah, love is in the sweet, misty air. Yesterday was full of friends huddled inside the cafe fogging up the windows all sexy-like as they sipped on coffee and tea.
It was about to rain when up by the railroad bridge a sweet young man made the most amazing chalk drawing professing his love!

See how cute they are!

Ah, love, I'm a sucker for you.

Mo got me amped to make home-made churros and dipping chocolate, so I set out to make it happen in time for the concert in the evening.
oh were they yumsauce. This WILL become a music night staple! Which means, come out this Saturday and eat them as you listen to Whiskey and the Devil Chaplain!!

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  1. Hi Sally Loo! Thanks for posting this picture of my son and his fiancé. He mentioned how you took pictures and shared in this moment with them. That was so sweet of you. I live in AZ and haven't been to your shop but now I have something to look foreward to on my next trip. Your churros and chocolate look so good. I can't wait to come back to SLO to try them out.