Friday, June 11, 2010

a cute commercial

So we had the honor of being part of something quite amazing.
A talented group of Cal Poly students decided to use us for their senior project. They made a commercial about us!
It turned out so great. I've watched it more than a couple times in a row. They captured what we want Sally Loo's to feel like to a tee!
Great job Becky, Gordon and crew!!
We love it!


  1. Jen, we posted this on our blog at along with your photo of Ashley. Thanks again, you're an amazing photographer and the layout will be all the more beautiful for all your hard work. And great commercial! Makes me want to run right over and get a cuppa!

  2. maybe it was the music, maybe it was the fact that i havn't had any coffee this morning, maybe it is the beauty of watching other people enjoy something that is so uniquely YOU, but i just cried watching that. don't make fun of me please.