Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's in your picnic basket?

Maybe it's the summer breeze
Maybe it's my love of food on the go
Maybe it's all the train people coming through needing something quick and fantastic.
My Question for you is....

What's in your ideal picnic basket?

On the day that Brandon proposed he made a picnic for us of mangos, hummus, akmak crackers, baby bell cheese, an avocado, and a coconut.

That combo is always dear to me both because I'm obsessed with food and memories (especially the mushy ones).

So, what would you like to eat?


  1. Oh I love a good picnic basket! Ours would consist of ham and cheese sandwiches on fresh bread rolls with alfalfa sprouts, some homemade potato salad, some sparkling cider, sour cream and chive rice crackers with avocado and cheese to top them. And can't forget about dessert. Homemade cupcakes.

  2. I can't wait until the weather gets nicer - when I come home for lunch the bf has a little picnic ready to go and we hop over to the park across the street. My favorite would probably be a nice summer salad with oranges and strawberries, and a waldorf chicken sandwich on a wonderful baguette. Perfect!

  3. Hmmmm...some organic goat cheese with flax seed gluten free crackers, organic dried figs, and champagne!!!! Serve: In a park, on a sunny warm day, under a tree, sitting on a soft blanket. Yum Yum!!!

  4. okay, favorite topic! 1. cheese, at least two kinds; 2. a crusty baguette for breaking and getting crumbs all over; 3. a fruity compote for the combining of items 1 & 2; 4. fried chicken; 5. pie slices; 6. something sparkly to drink

    is sally loo's new picnic menu in the works...?