Sunday, August 22, 2010

Confetti Bene

Since the beginning of the retrofit we have found our mornings awfully........quiet.

quiet fruit

my quiet little butt succulents.

To mix things up we have found we...

Cook. For each other. This is strange.
confetti benes! (I'll tell you how to make them, don't fret)

Confetti Benes!
Wouldn't you like to eat these, eh eh?

Cut up seasonal veggies. We just received amazing veggies from Cal Poly CSA (which is SHUTTING DOWN! oh no! let's stop this shitake!

So zucchini, yellow squash, little red onions, green peppers get cut up

and tossed in the pot to saute

I added a pinch of fresh ground pepper and some herbes de provence because hey, when your mom brings you back a cute little jar of the stuff from France, you use it sparingly and feel loved

Brandon whipped up his famous hollandaise sauce:

melt 4Tbs butter in a sauce pan
1 egg
1 egg yolk
whisk like there is no tomorrow
a splash of lemon juice
a pinch of salt, pepper, and cayenne
done!(keep whisking, you don't want a skin on top)

Poach up some eggs. Farm fresh are the best

Build the bene,
We used whole grain bread toasted
slather it with smoked salmon
add a poached egg
the confetti of veggies
and sauce

yay for breakfast.


  1. That looks delish! all of it!
    and how in the heck will we keep csa? i heard about that, this is tragic, we must fight like joan baez

  2. I am coming over Sunday morning......I expect this to be waiting for me.

    Just Kidding!!!! kinda......

  3. wow two are geniuses. you WOULD have a butt succulent :)

  4. I have a butt succulent but we call them the severed fingers after the old lady I bought them from.... That's what she called them :)