Friday, August 27, 2010

Sky Light

Yup. Major.

HUGE. HOLE. Can it even be called a hole if it is the entire ceiling?!

It feels raw, it feels like an airy ancient courtyard, it feels exciting and scary. It is so strange to see our little building that we have cared for for the last year just ripped apart. SO EXCITED for it's completion. I think it's going to feel and look just amazing.


  1. WHOA. ok i didn't catch this before lunch. gotta love it!

  2. wowzers! I have butterflies!!

  3. i say lets leave it as is. It'll be an existential statement: "why do we separate ourselves from the elements? it is the sun that has birthed us, why do we put a barrier between us and our mother?"

    kidding. im excited for the end results. love.

  4. wow! this is incredible! hahah! I will be back in SLO Oct 9th I look forward to seeing the progress!

  5. HI!! I've been a longtime reader...but don't live near you. I'll be in the SLO area at the end of next week but I'm assuming you won't be open! Augh oh the irony.

    Maybe I'll come by and check out the construction :)

  6. Oh my!! That is quite to hole! I will be in the area next weekend, I will have to stop by and see the project. You could always have a lovely romantic dinner under the construction stars. ;) love you two