Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This blustery weather reminds me of early chilly mornings of my childhood.
I was always awake first, usually before sunrise. Would make some cereal and watch cartoons or infomercials.

Making my parents coffee was one of my first chores. They stressed the utmost importance of this special job.
"You fill the grinder to here, grind for 10-12 seconds, put in a filter..." My dad instructed. I looked on, wide eyed, absorbing every word so I would do it exactly right. Now I see what they were doing :) tricksy parents.

This song takes me right back to those cozy mornings.
the rain song from Disney's Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Now the brisk air and dark evenings make me want to make these spooky little dumplings of love...
Purple Potato Gnocchi hand made and rolled over a fork just like an Italian Nana.


  1. Oh this makes me so homesick. I can't wait to return to my blessed slo. And my favorite cafe : )

  2. oh hey, you amaze me.
    when can we do that post? :)
    i'm on your schedule...
    doesn't have to be soon.
    but, it must be.

  3. This is like the best post ever. Pooh and gnocchi.

  4. Jen!! Your blog has always been my favorite.. but now it is OFFICIALLY my favorite!
    I miss seeing your beautiful self! But I do see all the fairy dust gathering and getting the cafe back in to tip top ready shape in no time .. and I definitely already smell the coffee!!! I hope you, Brandon and Sally are hanging in there.. I don't see how you couldn't be when you are eating homemade gnocchi though :)