Monday, October 4, 2010

The wholesome hut + Ruby Rose = true love

We had an amazing day at Ruby Rose!
On Saturday we ran around the Remnants of the Past show at the Dana Powers House. Lots of amazing artists and junkers set up their finest goods to sell. On Sunday Stephanie of Ruby Rose along with her wonderful crew Cathy, Helen, and our Emily opened the doors and had a lovely relaxing event. We nommed on veggie pot pies, fruit crisp, and lots of scones at tables beside vintage bikes and a trailer.

Thanks for coming down and supporting us! Can't wait to collaborate again!

For you curious folk wondering when the cafe will re-open....
the honest and short answer. We don't know. We are not in control unfortunately.

We are hoping and the landlords are shooting for two more weeks from now.


So those that pray, pray! Those that hope and send goodness, please do!


  1. i love you guys. i'm sending a whole bunch of

  2. praying for beautiful sally loo's wholesome cafe!!!!

  3. i'll pray. :) and your dog is SOO AMAZING. i want a dog just like that one day!!!!