Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This blustery weather reminds me of early chilly mornings of my childhood.
I was always awake first, usually before sunrise. Would make some cereal and watch cartoons or infomercials.

Making my parents coffee was one of my first chores. They stressed the utmost importance of this special job.
"You fill the grinder to here, grind for 10-12 seconds, put in a filter..." My dad instructed. I looked on, wide eyed, absorbing every word so I would do it exactly right. Now I see what they were doing :) tricksy parents.

This song takes me right back to those cozy mornings.
the rain song from Disney's Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Now the brisk air and dark evenings make me want to make these spooky little dumplings of love...
Purple Potato Gnocchi hand made and rolled over a fork just like an Italian Nana.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the latest

We know you miss this face...

so tired of saying "we don't know when we'll re-open"
trying to continue to encourage the construction dudes to HURRY!

Meanwhile...behind the retrofitting... our guys get busy (aka friends Evan and David of Poiema construction + Tim my Daddio + Brandon ) on the kitchen remodel!!
the new service window- where the cooks will put finished dishes to be taken out to your glorious selves to enjoy.
view into the kitchen from the back door.
Evan being the boss.
My Daddio running electricity.

Friday, October 15, 2010

[ insert inspirational 80's butt-rock chorus here ]

Progress! Not as fast as we would like but hey.The retrofit is near done. Keep encouraging those guys to hustle!Our kitchen remodel meanwhile is going great!
Pics of the progress:the view out the back door to what once was our little kitchen nook...
boy butts getting ready to concrete the NEW kitchen floor.

This next shot is NOT for the squeamish. This is our dear friend and amazing contractor, Evan, after he nail gunned his finger!!!
He was smiling the entire time and was back to work an hour later. Crazeballs!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The wholesome hut + Ruby Rose = true love

We had an amazing day at Ruby Rose!
On Saturday we ran around the Remnants of the Past show at the Dana Powers House. Lots of amazing artists and junkers set up their finest goods to sell. On Sunday Stephanie of Ruby Rose along with her wonderful crew Cathy, Helen, and our Emily opened the doors and had a lovely relaxing event. We nommed on veggie pot pies, fruit crisp, and lots of scones at tables beside vintage bikes and a trailer.

Thanks for coming down and supporting us! Can't wait to collaborate again!

For you curious folk wondering when the cafe will re-open....
the honest and short answer. We don't know. We are not in control unfortunately.

We are hoping and the landlords are shooting for two more weeks from now.


So those that pray, pray! Those that hope and send goodness, please do!