Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Sarah

Meet the snarky panini princess of the bunch.
She's incredibly compassionate, always down to dance in the kitchen to her fav, Katy Perry, and was thought to be too sensitive for public school.

DOB: May 27th, 1989

Favorite Sally Loo treat: Strawberry black pepper scone or Hailey's double print chocolate cookies

Fav place to eat: Besides The Loo, I enjoy Big Sky Cafe and Gus' Sandwiches
When not at Sally's you can find me at school, instagramming, enjoying my wonderful friends and our crazy antics, and playing words with friends. I also love reading, relaxing, and a good gin and tonic.

Favorite customer experience: One time, our regular customer Robert gave me advice on how to deal with the dreadlocks that spontaneously form in my hair.

Who I would have coffee with: Jesus and Katy Perry. At the same time.

Last words: There's always a party happening in the back of The Loo. Secret's out.