Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh hey, yeah, who's a blog ball dropper.  I am.  Sorry readers.  Are you out there?

It is my pleasure to start up the website again with an announcement!

there will not be any ticket sales at the door

Josh Garrels is coming back to San Luis Obispo September 7th!

Last year his show sold out really quickly and we had a packed house so this go round we are doing things a little differently.  We're holding the event at La Cuesta Ranch here in town but just far out of town to need to wear comfortable shoes and bring something warm to comfort you in the cool country air. It is a beautiful spot with a big happy barn and lots of room for frolicking.

Here's the breakdown of how the day will play out:

The Gates open at 4pm- at this time you are invited to bring a dish to share and a blanket to sit on for a potluck.  We'll have musicians around serenading us as we get the party started.

Pie Contest! Yup, that's right.  This is a pie baking contest not a pie eating contest ;) If you've got a winning recipe, or heck, just want to try your hand and see if it's well received, then you should definitely enter the contest.  Winners, prizes, and I'm sure actual pie eating will commence at around 5:30pm.  If you'd like to enter, please call 805-434-1013 to sign-up.

FILM @ around 6:15 in the barnMason Jar music in Brooklyn, NY has created a beautiful documentary, 
"The Sea In Between"  highlighting Josh's music and the story of the beauty of collaboration in the creative process.  You can check out the documentary website and movie trailer here:

CONCERT starts after the film
Josh Garrels and friends will serenade with the setting of the sun!

For more info or just to get more excited than you already are go to

We cannot wait to see you all there and to have the pleasure to hear Josh play again!

To buy tickets go to:


  1. I am completely utterly stoked. Really hope I can make it!! :)

  2. Oh, and two questions...
    1) Will Josh be around for the potluck/a meet & greet? (or strictly the performance)
    2) Do we need to bring plates, utensils, etc. for potluck?

    1. Hi David!
      1.I'm not sure what Josh has planned for the day. It's going to be casual.
      2. yes. Bring anything you'd need to chow.

      see you soon!

  3. Looking to get 2 tickets...pretty please with sugar on top. I am so bummed it is already sold out!

    1. Hey Heather, So sorry to say, it is truly sold out. There may be people selling extras online. I'd check facebook. But there will be no sales at the door.