Monday, September 10, 2012

Sally's little brother

Hanker, Hankerton, Hankertot, Bo-Yeee, Baby Boy, Hank the Tank, Frat Boy

It's about time we shared with you the new member of the family.  His name is Hank.
We adopted him from Fresno Bully Rescue after seeing his picture and falling for his sweet brown eyes and Yoda ears.  He is 100% Love Pig.  He burps and farts a lot.  He loves Sally so so much.  And we are smitten!

If you are interested in adopting a bully breed I definitely recommend FBR.  They are an amazing group of people with a heart for these sweet pups that are so misunderstood and mistreated.  They are great at pairing you with the right dog for your family.  We could not be more impressed with how they handled every step.  Check them out and I dare you to not fall in love with at least one of those wet noses.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the addition, they are a cute pair. Love the cuddle pic with Sally spooning Hank!

    We visited Sally Loo's with our bluenose Pula, , this past August and loved it after we heard great things about it from my friends Lindsay & David. Loved it!

    You've got some great ambassadors for this amazing loving breed. Happy Holidays!