Monday, September 24, 2012

Guest post by the one and only...

This post is presented by Danielle 'always down' Cleland. 

When most people find out that I'm a full-time cook, their response is usually something along the lines of "Don't you get tired of cooking?". Short answer: No. Long Answer: No, because I love it. As in, I don't fully know how to explain why I love my job and why I don't tire of it. The best way I think I can describe my love for cooking is to tell you what I do when I get home from a fairly exhausting eight hour day of dicing onions, frying eggs, rolling out quiche crust, blending acai and carving turkey breasts. I cook. Usually for people I love.

One thing I love about cooking at home is that I have developed some sort of ritual, perhaps to the likeness of a batter stepping up to the plate (Go Giants).

Towel over shoulder (because this is what my momma taught me), put on Paul Simon pandora (because anywhere Paul, Stevie Nicks and Elton John can hang out together, I want to cook for them), sharpen knife (because doi), have friend open a bottle of wine (because this is what Pink meant by 'get the party started').

Today's menu: Homemade ricotta gnocchi with a brown butter, sage, fresh corn and shitake mushroom sauce. Gnocchi: Super easy pasta to make from scratch, looks fancy, incredibly fun to say.

I think most people would agree that the best part of this whole process would have to be the sitting down and sharing a meal with friends. I take after my mom in that when I first sit down at the table, I love to just sit and listen to the clanking of dishes, the omnomnoms, the 'pass the ___' etc. Some times at the cafe I like to just peak out the order window and watch people eating (creeeeeppppp). It's not just that I love people enjoying the food I make (although I'm quite sure there's some pride mixed in there), but I think it's that I really enjoy being part of a shared experience. Blah blah community, blah blah relationships, blah blah connecting. But really, that's what keeps me from getting burnt out on cooking. Et viola, I finally figured out how to answer that question!


  1. Yay! This makes me happy ;-) Gonna be in SLO soon for some eating and creeping!

    Love and hugs from New Zealand,


  2. This is excellent, DMC!

    And I love ya.